5 Siblings Gather Together. Beautiful Rendition Of Christmas Classic Goes Viral

Anyone who’s ever heard the Wissmann family perform knows that they are a talented bunch! That’s why their Christmas performance of “Good Christian Men Rejoice” is totally going viral.

Just in time for the big holiday, these incredible musicians combine their skills and love for God to create a beautiful version of “Good Christian Men Rejoice” to share with the world. This beautiful rendition is leaving everyone in complete and total awe.


The Wissmann family hails from Nebraska and this 15-member family has spent more than a decade entertaining audiences across the country with their motivating music blending gospel and bluegrass. Parents Loren and Gloria travel in a 45-foot-long bus with their kids and extended family members to give performances at churches, at Branson, Mo., at community events and festivals — anywhere anyone wants to rejoice in praise songs and immerse themselves in this talented family’s God-given skills.

The children range in age from single digits to parents themselves, but not everyone tours due to job and family responsibilities. But every member of this family has an amazing talent that includes vocal and instrumental skills.


Keeping with the soft holiday feel, the group performs “Good Christian Men Rejoice” in a gorgeous snowy setting, belting out the powerful words to the song! The Wissmann siblings sing in perfect harmony, “Now ye hear of endless bliss, Jesus Christ was born for this! He hath ope’d the heav’nly door, And man is blessed forevermore!”

These lyrics definitely embody the true meaning of Christmas. The Wissmanns know it’s not the exciting presents, shiny new toys, mountains of food or fun that matters the most – it’s celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior!


Being in a family of 13 children (obviously, not all of them are in this video) means that the Wissmanns are used to sharing almost everything – including the limelight. Their devout faith and passion for spreading joy with music is something the world needs more of during a time where we seem more divided than ever.

Take a peek at this breathtaking music video for yourself in the video below. You’ll be amazed by how perfect their voices really are!


We can’t wait to see what the Wissmanns have up their sleeves in the years to come…