Mom Starts With Painting A Key White, The End Result Is A Gift I Can’t Wait To Give

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If that’s the case then you’ll certainly treasure your holiday season. These gorgeous homemade ornament upcycles turn tossable junk into priceless holiday decorations – and they’re good enough to pass along for stunning Christmas gifts!

So, grab your scissors, gather your supplies and get ready to create a handful of stunning ornaments out of common household materials…

Retro Hot Wheels Ornaments

These simple Hot Wheels cars turn into a Christmas tree-carting work of art without breaking the budget. After the kids are grown, it’s a great way to cherish your children’s Hot Wheels memories for years to come, as Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night explains.

Instead of going out to buy the Hot Wheels, use the ones in your child’s memory box, or if they’re still young, the extra cars that rarely get attention! Once you have your cars gathered, snag a couple of the trees hanging around from your old holiday crafts.

Now all you need to do is glue the tree onto the top of the car and wrap it all in twine. Repeat these steps for all other cars, then hang on your tree! Groovy, baby!

Smashed CD Masterpiece

In today’s modern age, it’s safe to assume that you’ve probably converted your old CDs into MP3 files by now. But that doesn’t mean the CDs are useless!

You can take your old CDs and cut (or smash) them up to create a gorgeous mosaic ornament. After you’ve cracked your CD with scissors, you can glue the pieces to a clear ornament, allow some time to dry and marvel at your Christmas craftiness!

Festive K-Cup Christmas Bell

Not only are Keurig’s K-Cups a convenient way to make coffee during busy mornings, but the little cups also add up to a lot of waste. Now you can do your part for the environment by letting your K-Cup live on forever dangled from your Christmas tree!

Click the link to learn how to make this K-Cup Christmas bell ornament from Glimmer Creations.

Inspirational Hanging Scrabble Tiles

Just because your Scrabble days are behind you doesn’t mean its pieces can’t be put to good use!

You can arrange your favorite holiday words like “peace,” “hope” and “love,” then use the tutorial from Things That Are Pretty to turn them into a pretty ornament for word nerds and holiday enthusiasts alike.

While “love” and words like it are a great reminder to be kind during the Christmas season, you can also spell out the family name, inside jokes and so much more. The options are limitless!

Kid-Friendly Puzzle Piece Wreath

Grab your little ones and piece your holiday together with these adorably festive ornaments made from puzzle pieces by Lemon Lime Adventures.

All you need to do is use old puzzles that are taking up space – or you can head to the thrift store for forgotten, cheap puzzles. Once you have your pieces gathered, add a touch of glue to create a festive shape and glitter to make it really pop!

Painted puzzle pieces (like this) glued in a circle are instantly jolly.

Cheery Golf Ball Snowman

Your old golf balls don’t need to be retired to the trash can. Instead, you can save this cute snowman “fore”-ever! Tarnished golf balls that have seen their final days can be turned into cute snowman faces quite easily. You can even use an old K-Cup (as seen in the craft above) as a hat!

Cozy Key Snowmen 

We all have a couple of keys on our keychains that are mysterious! Why not use these “mystery keys” to make cute snowmen ornaments this year?

The first thing you need to do is paint the keys with flat white paint and allow them to dry completely. Once the paint is dry, you can use pipe cleaners, markers, glitter and yarn to bring your key snowmen to life.

If you need a little inspiration, the talented folks at have plenty of amazing ideas you can follow.

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