Vet Tells Reporter He’s Never Met His Son Before, Reporter’s Next Sentence Changes His Life Forever

The Fox 5 Surprise Squad was at it again. But this time, they were bound and determined to make a beautiful reunion come to fruition. The Surprise Squad used a new app called Periscope to interact directly with their viewers. This allowed the viewers to choose who they should help out at a gas station, leading to a journey no one expected. The Surprise Squad went to the gas station so their viewers could pick who they should fill up the gas tank for. The majority said to go for the “old truck.” It turned out that the man only had $5 for gas, so it was a great choice.

The man then shared that he had never seen his son or grandchildren before and was on a trip to visit them. His truck was full of all of his stuff he was selling in order to be able to go see his son and grandchildren for the first time ever. The Surprise Squad decided right then and there then to give him $500 to help him out. The man was brought to tears by this generous gift, but it wasn’t over yet. The viewers then agreed with the Surprise Squad that they should buy everything out of his truck for $500, so he ended up receiving a total of $1,000 to help him reach his destination.

There was more to come for the motorist named David, however. He was interviewed at the news station and was surprised again when the Fox 5 Surprise Squad brought his son and family to meet him right there on the news set! David burst into tears, unable to contain his emotions. Crying, he happily greeted his grandchildren who had accompanied their parents to the interview, too. What an amazing story and heartwarming meeting that so many people made possible.