Young Man Begins Singing Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.” Sounds So Identical, Covers Everyone In Chills

There’s no one like the King – but now there’s someone who can rival good ole Elvis Presley and he sounds eerily similar! David Thibault stopped by the 102.1 radio station in Québec Canada and shocked the hosts to their core. As soon as David stepped into the studio to sing Elvis’s most iconic holiday tune, “Blue Christmas,” the staff knew something was different about him. They were right! When David began to sing and strum the guitar on his lap, he sounded exactly like the King of Rock and Roll…

While most Americans don’t recognize this talented young man, David is actually incredibly popular in his home country of Canada. In fact, David’s garnered more than 45,000 Facebook fans and placed third in the French-Canadian version of The Voice! Just like a large portion of Canadians, David can speak French and English fluently! His bilingual skills are often demonstrated in his music – he can switch between the two languages with ease which gives his songs international appeal!

The moment David started to sing “Blue Christmas” in the studio, the radio show staff just sat back in awe. It was crazy to hear such a beautiful rendition of the classic Elvis Christmas song live and without audio editing. Listen to this incredible performance for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. If you close your eyes, you can be catapulted back in time while listening to David sing “Blue Christmas.” We know Elvis is looking down on David from Heaven with a big smile on his face!